The Touch Spanish Phonetic Letter Slide ideal companion for Touch Spanish 2

    Now, an inexpensive method of teaching to read and write Spanish:  
    Introducing the Touch Spanish Letter Slide!   It allows you to easily form 2, 3, 4
    and 5-letter syllables and blends.  Then, by simply sliding the strips, you can
    rapidly rearrange them into more new sounds.  This visual aid helps children, as
    well as adults, to quickly grasp the sounds and the mechanics of the phonetic

For Montessori Schools, Public Schools and Homeschools,
    ...for those who want to provide Private Spanish classes, well as for Adults!

    It is easy to teach the phonetic skills using The Letter Slide.  This method is
    also perfect for adults and even for more advanced groups.  Simply cut out the
    material into cards and strips and you are ready to begin!   Just follow the
    instructions.  This material is printed on heavy card stock in full color!  

Here's what you get:

  • Green Strips to teach the basic 2-letter phonetic sounds.

  • Pink Strips with 2 and 3-letter blends.

  • Vocabulary Picture Cards with labels that are to be folded back.  These labels
    will allow the children to check and correct themselves.

  • And a set of strips used to build the vocabulary words presented in this

  • And, of course, you get The Letter Slide that makes all this program work.  It
    organizes the material in such a simple way that it is very easy for the children
    to visualize the mechanics of reading and writing Spanish!
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