Touch Spanish 2 - Phonics will guide the teacher through all the phonetic skills
needed to read the Spanish language.  It contains 160 pages with full-color illustrations
printed on heavy card stock for durability.

    Instruction Pages
    These pages make it easy to present the material to children.

    Contents (160 pages):

  • Unit 1 - The Consonants (Pages 4-29).

  • Unit 2 - The Vowels (Pages 30-34).   

  • Unit 3 - Different Sounds (Pages 35-49).

  • Unit 4 - Basic Syllables (Pages 50-137).   

  • Unit 5 - 3&4-Letter Blends (Pages 138-150).

  • Unit 6 - Building Words (Pages 151-154).  

  • Unit 7 - Building Sentences (Pages 155-158).

  • Unit 8 - One letter at a time (Pages 159-160).

Touch Spanish 2 - Phonics, provides the teacher with all the necessary material to
introduce the child to reading the Spanish language.  In most cases, this material will
need some simple preparation on the part of the teacher prior to its presentation to
the child.

The vocabulary found in Touch Spanish 2 - Phonics is of people, places or things the
child sees every day and can easily associate with. The book is divided into five parts:  
In the first part, the sounds of the consonants are presented.  The second part
introduces the vowel sounds.  The third part teaches some particular sounds.  The
fourth, teaches blends.  The fifth part provides the the material needed to construct
words and sentences, indirectly introducing the child to grammar structures.

Touch Spanish 2 - Phonics
is presented in binder form with 160 pages of full-color
material, color graphics, labels, sound charts and individual sound cards, all printed on
heavy card stock for durability.  The Touch Spanish material may be stored in plastic
tape cases (sold separately) or in school pencil bags.