Plastic Storage Cases for Touch Spanish Material
Spanish for Children
The home of Touch Spanish by Gabriela
The hands-on method of teaching Spanish to children that kids love!
Space-saving pastic storage cases help keep all the material
organized and easy to store.

    100-3 Touch Spanish 1
    This book uses 93 plastic storage cases.

    200-3 Touch Spanish 2
    This book uses 42 plastic storage cases.

    300-3 Touch Spanish 3
    This book uses 81 plastic storage cases.
How to attach the spines to the outside of the plastic cases

    The material found in the Touch Spanish series has been
    prepared to fit inside plastic videotape cases and/or plastic pencil
    bags for 3-ring binders.   

    When cutting the spines
    (1) Make just one vertical cut between darker green lines.
    (2) Attach the spine labels to cases before preparing the actual
    material.  Then put the Touch Spanish material inside its
    corresponding plastic case as you prepare it.

    Apply paste
    After you have cut out each label, then apply a dab of glue or
    paste to the outside surface of the case's spine.

    Attach label
    Adhere the label to the spine of the case.  Be sure the
    lid is facing away from you and that the label is
    positioned so you can read it as you are holding it.

    Then, do one of two things:
    (1) If your VHS cases DO NOT have sleeves, then tape over the
    label with a 2-inch wide scotch tape (use wide packing scotch tape
    for better results).

    (2) If your VHS cases DO have sleeves, then simply apply the paste in the same
    manner as mentioned above, except that you will want to apply it underneath the
    sleeves.  These cases do not need scotch tape.

    You are now ready to accept the Touch Spanish material
    Now you are ready to begin preparing the actual material.  
    Remember to prepare only a couple of exercises at a time.  
    Prepare as you go.  Don't try doing the whole book at one time.