Spanish for Children
Touch Spanish by Gabriela Wilcox
    Department of Foreign Language
    Grades:  Lower and Upper Elementary

    Course Information
    Touch Spanish is a hands-on method of teaching Spanish to young children.
    By having its own built-in "Control of Error," the children advance at their
    own pace and are able to check their own progress.

    In this course, the child will learn Spanish language structure and will be
    able acquire perfect pronunciation that will facilitate the practical
    application of the language at a later age, such as high school and college.

    Greetings, The Flower, The Body, The Library, The Face, The Family, The
    Storm, The Dwelling, The Colors, Geometric Forms, The Fruit, The Numbers,
    Clothing, Pets, Transportation.   The Consonants, The Vowels, Different Sounds,
    Basic Syllables, 3 and 4-Letter Blends, Building Words, Building Sentences
    and One Letter at a Time.

    Level 1
    Touch Spanish 1 is an introduction to Spanish course where the child will
    develop skills in listening, speaking and reading the Spanish language
    through the use of manipulative material and additional extensions.

    Conversation is stressed at all times.  Each unit ends with a conversation
    exercise that is augmented by the instructor, using everyday publication,
    such as magazines, and other material already found in the classroom

    Reading and understanding is reinforced with the reading and re-reading of
    the storybook "Tex, El Gusanito de Texas" throughout the year.

    Level 2
    Touch Spanish 2, Phonics is excellent companion to Touch Spanish 1.  It will
    be introduced at the same time as Unit 5 (of level 1) to cement the correct
    pronunciation of the Spanish language.

    This skill and proficiency will follow the child through his/her adult life,
    facilitating not only the study of more advanced Spanish, but also of other
    foreign languages such as French, Italian, Latin and other  phonetic

    Level 3
    Touch Spanish 3 shows advanced sentence structures and presents the use of Graphic
    Representation ® Cards that facilitate the learning and the use of this material through visual
    means.  It follows the same topics as Level 1, but introduces more vocabulary and new verbs.  
    It teaches the conjugation of certain verbs and the use of other verbs in conjunction with

    Thematic vocabulary is presented in each unit using everyday words to express ideas and
    situations.  Vocabulary and verbs are repeated throughout the series if needed.

    All units end with several reviews of the material and activities where the child will actually
    construct sentences by means of cards that represent the different parts of speech.  
    Children will be able to build sentences 12 to 18 words long and know the exact meaning.

    Their pronunciation of the Spanish language could now be at par with that of a native
    speaker of the same age.