200-1  Touch Spanish 2 - Phonics
    Book 2 presents phonetic sounds needed to read in Spanish.  This book
    contains 160 full color pages and real-to-life graphics.

200-3  Set of 42 Storage Cases and Spines
    Plastic videocassette storage cases (but without the inside "hubs") used to
    organize the material.

200-4  Storybook:  ©Tex and the Babus
    The story about a family with a funny name who, by using their heads, save
    many lives.

200-5   ©Graphic Representation Cards
    Includes some graphics from TS1 and from TS2 along with a wooden card
    holder and plastic storage case.

200-7  ©The Letter Slide
    Used to teach Spanish sounds and may also be used for the English
    sounds.  Does not include storage box.  
    A great way to get the children to pronounce random syllables

    250-21        Yellow Phonics Towers
    Children will have fun practicing the pronunciation of two and three-letter
    syllables with these expanding tent signs
                       Purple Phonics Towers
    Presents the pronunciation of the letters C, Q and G according to the letter
    that follows.

                    Green Phonics Towers
    Presents the 2-letter syllables
Touch Spanish, the hands-on method of teaching Spanish to children.
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