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XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX sentence structure without using grammar.  This
manual comes with lifelike graphics and contains over 213 full color pages.


Set of 93 Storage Cases and Spines
    Plastic videocassette storage cases (but without the inside "hubs")
    used to organize the material.

    from Texas:  A cute story of a little caterpillar called Tex who wanted
    to fly.  Presented as a flip-chart.

100-5  Graphic Representation Cards
    A repetition of all the graphics found in Touch Spanish 1, used to
    build new sentences.

100-6  Projects & Extensions
    Projects using some of the material already found in your classrooms,
    as well as new material, applied to Spanish.  Also new material.

100-7  ©The Counting Box (Not yet available)
    Used to learn how to count from 1 to 10 in Spanish.  Can also be
    used for counting in English.

100-8  The Kit:  The Extra Income Producer
    For those who want earn extra income by providing Spanish
    Language classes to children in schools or at home.  Does not
    includes the Touch Spanish 1 manual.
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