Spanish for Children
The home of Touch Spanish by Gabriela Wilcox
The hands-on method of teaching Spanish to children that kids love!

A.  Introduction
  • About Touch Spanish
  • Is it hard to teach Spanish?
  • Why is it called Touch Spanish?
  • About the author.     
  • If you don't speak Spanish...No problem!    
  • Touch  Spanish:  Hands-on Spanish for
  • Some Extra Material     

B.  The Material   
  • What this Kit includes        
  • "Add Spanish to Your School's Curriculum...."
  • Form 101 School Door Sign       
  • Form 102 Registration Forms      
  • Form 103 Income Projections       
  • Form 104 Monthly Planner       
  • Form 105 Attendance Records      
  • Form 106 Lesson Plan    
  • Form 107 Payment Control     
  • Form 108 Here are some tips to keep good
    payment records:      
  • Observations Form 109       
  • Cold Calling Organizer Form 110      
  • Organization Organizer Form 111        
  • You need very little extra material.    
Item 100-8-1
This 34-page "What to do to get Students" manual takes you through the
steps you need to take to obtain students to begin your own business at
home or at schools.  It will give you ideas of how to get your business started.

"What to do to get Students" manual...
D.  First Things First       
  • First prepare your containers then your

E.  The Schools        
  • Where to get the names of the schools        

F.  Cold Calling        
  • Phone Techniques      
  • Calling the Schools    
  • On the phone.     
  • Ask for the appointment!    

G.  The appointment.       
  • Before the appointment.      
  • During the appointment.     
  • Selling your program.       
  • Concluding the meeting.        
  • Who collects the fee.      
  • Insurance.        
  • The schools will help you       
  • The first day of class.        
  • Children aren't the only ones.        
  • Your next step:  Do it!