Preparing the Material
    All our material must first be prepared before being used in your classroom. Some
    require purchasing other supplies, such as glue, storage boxes, etc.  When
    preparing the material, simply follow the easy steps, then present the material to
    the children according to the instructions found in each unit...and that's it!  It's
    that easy!

    The Instruction Pages show you how to prepare the material, step-by-
    step.  Touch Spanish by Gabriela Wilcox  is very easy to implement.  
    All you have to do is to cut the material according to the instructions,
    and you're ready for your first lesson!  It's that easy!

    The Presentation Pages tell you how to introduce the new material to
    the child.  They also provide some very simple notes on grammar as well
    as helpful hints and observations.

    The Control Cards Pages bring you (1) the Control Cards with their
    labels, (2) the Picture Cards with no label and (3) the corresponding
    Label Cards.

    The Question Cards ask the questions and have a control answer that
    remains out of sight until needed by the child for verification of the
    answer.  The Answer Cards are used by the child to "construct" the

    The Conversation Cards are used to help the student remember the
    new vocabulary words.  If needed, usually depending on age and
    maturity, the child may want to expand the number of vocabulary
    words for that unit.
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Spanish for Children
The home of Touch Spanish by Gabriela Wilcox
This level introduces vocabulary, articles, some verbs,
conversation, questions and answers.
This level has as an objective to expand the child's knowledge of
Spanish vocabulary and conversational skills using ©Graphic
Representation cards.  
Touch Spanish by Gabriela Wilcox provides the experience.
    Even without prior experience teaching Spanish, teachers and parents can begin
    their very first Spanish lesson just minutes after receiving the material!  All you
    have to do is laminate and cut as indicated on each page.  It's that easy!
.....Yes, in m-i-n-u-t-e-s!
Please email us if you have a question.  Also, if you are having a trouble teaching a new
concept, tell us about it and if we develop some material based on it, then we will
send you a free copy of that material.  For Spanish only, please.
Since 1985
Add Spanish to your school's
curriculum in just minutes.
Yes, m-i-n-u-t-e-s!
These images are from Touch Spanish 1.  (Click on images to enlarge view.)
pictures to
Touch Spanish by Gabriela Wilcox is simple to organize and easy to use,
even if your knowledge of the Spanish language is limited!

  • Plastic storage cases:  Touch Spanish material is organized to fit inside space-
    saving plastic cases (optional) but they can be stored in other containers or
    plastic bags for portability.

  • Large cards make it easy for the child to manipulate the material.

  • Large and simple text makes it easy for the child to learn.

  • Simple illustrations are easy to interpret.

  • Printed on heavy-duty card stock for long lasting use.
More Inexpensive Montessori Material for your classroom for all levels
presented in smaller units and at reasonable prices.
All our material
must first be
prepared by cutting,
laminating and
sometimes pasting.
This level will guide the teacher through all the phonetic skills that the
child will need to read the Spanish language.
Level 1
...and more
Level 3
...provides a complete, well organized, inexpensive
and almost instantaneous hands-on Spanish program
for children, that kids truly enjoy!
by Gabriela Wilcox
Touch Spanish by Gabriela Wilcox follows a sequential order of skills
organized into the following levels:  
The hands-on method of teaching Spanish to children that kids love!
Level 2
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