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The hands-on method of teaching Spanish to children that kids love!
Touch Spanish 3 - Beginning Verbs & Pronouns by Gabriela Wilcox has as an objective
to expand the child's knowledge of Spanish vocabulary and conversational skills using
©GraphicRepresentation cards.  Once the general sentence structure is understood by
the child, it becomes very simple to change meaning by simply substituting other
graphic cards.

Touch Spanish 3 teaches grammar rules without teaching grammar.  It introduces the
use of pronouns and verbs in the infinitive form with the help of a few conjugated
verbs.  This will lead to a greater knowledge of the Spanish language, faster and with
less effort.

The child will build sentences using graphics, then write them down in Spanish on a
sheet of paper.  Each card contains its own Control of Error and the English translation.
(This "Control of Error" part of the card is to be folded back and used by the child to
check his/her answer.)

Touch Spanish 3 introduces verbs and more vocabulary using Control Cards, Picture
Cards and Labels.  It acquaints the child with grammar and promotes conversational
skills by means of graphics.  Manipulatives (the cards) help retain the child's attention
on the lesson, resulting in better concentration skills.

Touch Spanish 3 is presented in binder form with over 200 pages of vocabulary words,
verbs, simple illustrations, labels, question cards, answer cards and instruction pages
printed on heavy card stock for durability.

The vocabulary found in Touch Spanish 3 is of people, places or things the child sees
every day and can easily associate with.

Level 3 consists of 81 exercises and 215 pages.  The actual material starts on page 6 and
ends on page 215, with the following exercises:

    Unit 1 - To Greet / Saludar - Pages 9-114
    Ex.1 Changing Words into Graphics - Ex.2-3 Pleased to meet you
    Ex. 4-5 Doctor/Nurse - Ex. 6 Who is/are  - Ex. 7-8 Who games
    Ex. 9 Who/Where/How many - Ex. 10 Constructing a Question
    Ex. 11 Asking a Question - Ex. 12-13 Please/Thank You
    Ex. 14-15 Singular Pronouns - Ex. 16-17 Plural Pronouns
    Ex. 18 Tú/You - Ex. 19 Al/a la - Ex. 20 The Park - Ex. 21 To go to
    Ex. 22-23 I go/You go - Ex. 24-25 We go - Ex. 26 Yo voy/I go
    Ex. 27 I go to the city - Ex. 28 You are going to go to the city
    Ex. 29-30 With/Without/Alone - Ex. 31 Going Alone
    Ex. 32 To Greet/See/Visit/Look for - Ex. 33 To go visit
    Ex. 34 To Find/Meet/Thank/Hug - Ex. 35 He, Me and We
    Ex. 36 He or She - Ex. 37-38 Today/Tomorrow/Tonight
    Ex. 39-40 Now/Later/Never/Always - Ex. 41 Ir/Ir a/Ir a la
    Ex. 42-43 Preparing for the Cards - Ex. 44 Building Sentences Cards
    Ex. 45 Writing Cards - Ex. 46 Conversation Cards
    Ex. 47 Ar/er/ir Verb Groupings.

    Unit 2 - To Plant / Plantar - Pages 115-215
    Ex. 48-49 Changing Z-words to plural - Ex. 50-51 I Want
    Ex. 52-53 We Want - Ex. 54-55 I Want/Yo Quiero
    Ex. 56-58 Some/A Few - Ex. 59-60 To Plant/Cut/Fill/Water/Put/Take away/
    Bring/Take/Do/Large/Small - Ex. 61 For - Ex. 62 Yes/Not For
    Ex. 63 Qué Quiere/Va - Ex. 64-65 De Maria/Dallas/Papel
    Ex. 66 What is it about/of/from
    Ex. 67-68 Close/Far Here/There - Ex. 69-70 Next to/Under
    Ex. 71-72 The Cardboard Box - Ex. 73 This one/This box
    Ex. 74-75 The Shovel - Ex. 76 Open/Close Enter/Exit
    Ex. 78 Building Sentences Cards - Ex. 79 Writing Cards
    Ex. 80 Conversation Cards - Ex. 81 Ar/er/ir Verb Groupings.