Tex, The Little caterpillar From Texas by Gabriela Wilcox
Tex, El Gusanito de Tejas

    This storybook is about a little caterpiller who wanted to fly but couldn't.  
    Both Spanish and English text appear on each page.

    It is presented in two different formats:  

    Item #100-4-1
    This comes in a 8½"x11" format.  It contains almost 60
    full color pages and is printed on heavy duty card
    stock.  This is a flip-chart type of book and comes in a 3-
    ring binder that can be stood up while the teacher
    reads to a group.

    Item #100-4-2
    This is a smaller size storybook.  It also contains almost
    60 full-color pages and is printed on thinner, higher
    quality, semi-gloss paper.
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