Level 3

Beginning Verbs
300-1 Touch Spanish 3
    introduces verbs and more vocabulary using Control Cards,
    Picture Cards and Labels.  It acquaints the child with grammar
    and promotes conversational skills by means of graphics.  
    Contains 220 full-color pages.

300-2  Audio Tapes or DVDs
    [Not yet available]

300-3  Storage Cases
    Plastic videocassette storage cases used to organize the material.

300-4  Storybook:  Tex and Mrs. Ant
    [Not yet available]

300-5  Graphic Representation Cards
    A repetition of all the graphics found in Touch Spanish 3, used to
    build new sentences.
The hands-on method of teaching Spanish to children that kids love!
All our material must first be prepared before being presented in class.
Spanish for Children
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