200-1  ©Touch Spanish 2 Phonics
    Book 2 presents phonetic sounds needed to read in Spanish.  This book
    contains 160 full color pages and real-to-life graphics.

200-2  Audio Tape (DVD not yet available)

200-3  Set of 42 Storage Cases and Spines
    Plastic videocassette storage cases (but without the inside "hubs") used
    to organize the material.

200-4  Storybook:  ©Tex and the Babus
    The story about a family with a funny name who, by using their heads,
    save many lives.

200-5   ©Graphic Representation Cards
    Includes some graphics from TS1 and from TS2 along with a wooden
    card holder and plastic storage case.

200-7  ©The Letter Slide
    Used to teach Spanish sounds and may also be used for the English
    sounds.  Does not include storage box.  
(Not yet available)
Spanish for Children
The home of Touch Spanish by Gabriela Wilcox
The hands-on method of teaching Spanish to children that kids love!
A great way to get the children to pronounce random syllables
made up of random letters.
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    250-21 - Yellow Phonics Towers
    Children will have fun practicing the pronunciation of two and
    three-letter syllables with these expanding tent signs.

    250-22 - Purple Phonics Towers
    Presents the pronunciation of the letters C, Q and G according
    to the letter that follows.
    250-23 - Green Phonics Towers
    Presents the x
Level 2

All our material must first be prepared before being presented in class.