All our material must first be prepared before being presented in class.
Spanish for Children
The home of Touch Spanish by Gabriela Wilcox
The hands-on method of teaching Spanish to children that kids love!
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100-1 Touch Spanish 1 Manual This manual introduces vocabulary
and sentence structure without using grammar.  This manual comes
with lifelike graphics and contains over 213 full color pages.

100-2  Audio (not yet available)

Set of 93 Storage Cases and Spines
    Plastic videocassette storage cases (but without the inside
    "hubs") used to organize the material.

100-4  Storybook:  Tex, The Little Caterpillar from Texas
    from Texas:  A cute story of a little caterpillar called Tex who
    wanted to fly.  Presented as a flip-chart.

100-5  Graphic Representation Cards
    A repetition of all the graphics found in Touch Spanish 1, used
    to build new sentences.

100-6  Project & Extensions for TS1
    Projects using some of the material already found in your
    classrooms, as well as new material, applied to Spanish.  Also
    new material.

100-7  ©The Counting Box (Not yet available)
    Used to learn how to count from 1 to 10 in Spanish.  Can also
    be used for counting in English.

100-8  The Kit:  The Extra Income Producer
    For those who want earn extra income by providing Spanish
    Language classes to children in schools or at home.  Does not
    includes the Touch Spanish 1 manual.
Level 1

for Beginners